The New Era of Support: Resources to Get You Started

Business as we know it is changing, and that is because your customers’ preferences for how they receive support and interact with your brand is evolving. So how are companies adjusting to the evolving needs of their customers? A great solution is a customer-driven support community, which falls into the social support bucket. If you are unfamiliar with social support, it is a way that customers receive self-guided support that allows them to resolve issues in an online community.

Is customer-driven support something that piques your interest? If so, we have some great resources to help you learn how you can drive real value in your organization!

Just starting out? For those of you who are new to social or simply want to educate your peers, you may find our new Social 101 eBook to be very helpful. As you flip through this eBook, it will teach you how social networks, applications and online communities fit together to create a social support strategy.

Are you more of a visual person? No worries. We have demo videos available so that you can see how communities work in action.

Looking for additional resources?  If so, then I encourage you to check out our Social Customer Service toolkit. This toolkit has everything from videos to best practice guides to help ensure that you reach your social business goals. Our toolkits were designed around common resources our customers have asked for as they plan their communities. 

When it comes to a great customer experience, hosting a well-designed and easy to use community is a key best practice. That is why we have created these community design blueprints to jump start your efforts. I encourage you to download these sample designs to spark some ideas on what your community may look like.

Itching to learn more from influencers? In our Social Customer Service toolkit, we include a list of analysts and industry thought leaders that will provide you with great perspective on the social industry – we like to call them the Voices to Follow.

Want to hear what our customers have to say? We have numerous customers who have created social support communities; you can read about the value that these communities bring to their organizations in their customer success stories.

Download the eBook, take a short break to watch a demo or browse the Social Customer Service toolkit today. These resources will help guide you towards enhancing customer support at your organization with an online community.