Living Legend Roger Staubach set to kick off The Big Social

Last year’s inaugural The Big Social was a fantastic success. In addition to having a really good time, we shared and learned from each other. I was not only impressed, but extremely proud of the customer success stories around online communities and social networks. With a high bar set, The Big Social 2012 is scheduled for Sept. 17th – 19th in Dallas and is going to be bigger and better. At this year’s The Big Social, we are keying on the incredible value of a great customer experience, especially with respect to internal and external communities.   

I cannot think of a better way to set the tone of the user conference than to hear from consummate leader and living legend, Roger Staubach. With leadership experiences spanning across the military, sports, and business, Roger is a true American Hero. Most people know him as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, but before that, he was the Heisman Trophy winner at Navy, fought in the Vietnam War, and then led the Dallas Cowboys to 4 Super Bowls and winning 2 of them. And for an encore, he built a business from scratch to over $600 million as well as served his community in a number of capacities. The list goes on. Today, in his current role as Executive Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, he focuses on customer relationships, new business development, and strategy, championing the power of social networking tools. 

Source: Sports Illustrated

Like so many men in America, I grew up idolizing Roger Staubach as Captain America, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. But what I have come to know and appreciate so much more is what an incredible community builder and dedicated leader he is. I have been fortunate, through my own experience as Chairman of Entrepreneurs for North Texas, to hear his great stories on customer focus, leadership, teamwork --- and yes, some fantastic tales of great football moments.

This will be quite a treat. Please join me in welcoming Roger Staubach to our exceptional roster of speakers for The Big Social 2012. To learn more about The Big Social, click here.   

Roger T. Staubach
Executive Chairman, Americas
Jones Lang LaSalle