The Big Social Media Lounge: Fun, Fantasy Sports and Pirates

so·cial [soh-shuhl]

  1. relating to society and to people's lives in general
  2. relating to activities that involve being with other people, especially activities that you do for pleasure

To me, social has always conjured up an idea of something fun. (See definition 2 above.) This year at The Big Social, Telligent is letting me put the “fun” in social function by giving me my own Social Media Lounge. Okay, it’s not all mine; that wouldn’t be very social. Everyone is invited! And I think it is going to be a blasty blast.

Last year, I had a social media station – basically me standing at a booth tweeting and posting. Even though there wasn’t much to it – just me in my Reporty McScoops hat gathering news, pictures and videos, then sharing them in our social networks – the little booth collected quite a crowd. People were just hanging out at my little table talking, eating and laughing.

 Social Media Booth Circa 2011: An artistic rendition of Jenn's little social media station courtesy of
David Boothe, Interactive Marketing Manager and Head of Doodling at Telligent.


Reporty McScoops: Telligent Community Manager, Jenn Emerson, getting the scoop at The Big Social.
Sketch by David Boothe, Interactive Marketing Manager and Head of Doodling at Telligent.

I knew that, this year, we needed a space that really gave people a place to talk, hang out, network and share some laughs. We needed a social lounge! And so it is. We have a spectacular space right in the middle of all the action at the W Hotel. It includes lots of lounge furniture, a huge projector wall and incredible city views. Pretty swanky, no?

While I am still going to be Reporty McScoops, I’ve also been working on some plans to kick up the fun a few notches. You’ll get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest in social fantasy sports from Bragstr. And, I don’t want to give too much away, but there will be theme days that include challenges, group activities, special roundtable conversations, yummy treats and really cool giveaways. (Trust me. I did the shopping.)

Random Hint: Pirates and Dr. Dre may or may not be involved.

I’ll have more updates on the lounge including pics and maybe a little top secret info here and there. Stay tuned to our page on Facebook and our feed on Twitter. I've created a hashtag just for the Social Media Lounge: #SoMeLo. Look for it and #TheBigSocial. You can also connect with me on if you have any questions.

If you haven’t registered yet, please don’t dillydally! Get signed up now. This is going to be an amazing event from top to bottom. I guarantee you don’t want to miss it. See you in the #SoMeLo!