Telligent Community 7.0 and Telligent Enterprise 4.0: Elevating Customer Experience within the Social Enterprise

This morning, attendees at our annual customer conference, The Big Social, were the first to see the latest releases of our award winning software: Telligent Community 7.0 and Telligent Enterprise 4.0.  These releases are laser focused on what matters to today’s social enterprise – customer experience.

Telligent Community 7.0 empowers companies to evolve customer service from a cost center into a revenue driver and Telligent Enterprise 4.0 empowers employees to better know, engage and serve customers. Combined, the latest releases provide a complete, 360-degree view into social customer experience.

Both products are built on top of the latest version of Telligent enterprise social platform, Telligent Evolution 7.0. The foundation for social business, Telligent Evolution 7.0 now offers more than 50 new platform enhancements. Here are my top three highlights:

  • Reputation: Telligent’s new reputation management system dynamically scores content, and the people who author content, so that customers and employees gain quick access to the most relevant information. Reputation is calculated through a series of scores based on metrics for quality and newness of information. The system also highlights community members through recognition and rewards such as leaderboards and badges.

Reputation will be a game changer for our customers. We’ve invested 18 months in designing and developing a reputation management system to help people navigate the exponential growth of online information, including social data. We also brought in Randy Farmer as a special advisor to the project.

Randy Farmer is a world-renowned inventor and social media expert. He has consulted on social media strategy, community product design and is an intellectual property expert in online identity, reputation systems, social graphs, multiplayer games, virtual worlds and avatars. Randy is coauthor of Building Web Reputation Systems, published by O'Reilly/Yahoo! Press and was previously the Director of Community Strategy at Yahoo!

  • Portable Social Engagement Tools: The platform now includes social engagement tools that mimic those found in consumer social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve added or enhanced features for activity streams, likes, #hashtags, @mentions, comments, and rating and reviews. But what’s most exciting is that we’ve made them portable core services.

Core services make community a social engagement path instead of a destination. What it means for Telligent Community 7.0 is that you can now add social to your website and to your other online properties – wherever your customers are.

For Telligent Enterprise, core services integrate social throughout the workplace. You can add social engagement to enterprise systems for document management, human resources, ERP and other point solutions; pull information from these systems for broader viewing; and even connect employee social networks with external, customer and partner-facing communities.

  • Mobile: Enhancements to the mobile experience include seamless authentication with support for SAML for single sign-on access across your web properties. The new mobile experience also uses the latest HTML5 technology advancements to provide the highest quality audio and video. In addition, mobile now helps community managers and moderators with on-the-go moderation tools and mobile analytics.

The latest releases add to the incredible work that’s currently underway for Telligent in the cloud, social CRM integration with, advanced Microsoft integration and a host of other innovations that are planned for the coming months.

For more information, view the announcements for Telligent Community 7.0 and Telligent Enterprise 4.0. Included are product overviews and feature guides, along with version comparisons to help assist in the upgrade path.