How Dell Delivers Exceptional Social Customer Service on a Global Scale

For decades, Dell has been committed to making technology more accessible to people and organizations across the globe. One way that Dell adheres to this commitment is by educating and supporting IT professionals who want to learn the technical ins and outs of Dell Enterprise solutions.

How? Dell created a global online community to serve as the education and engagement hub for IT administrators that provides ongoing advice and resources that allows them to optimize their use of Dell Enterprise products.

In the Dell TechCenter community, members and Dell employees are able to engage in conversations and exchange ideas related to Dell’s products, solutions and services on topics ranging from cloud computing, virtualization, storage technologies, networking and many more. The community creates a bridge between Dell’s engineers, prospects and customers that enables the sharing of knowledge and helpful information – specifically, the Dell TechCenter allows community managers and engineers worldwide to provide exceptional support to Dell’s international IT customers, expanding its reach to connect with a growing international basis of IT administrators.

Members benefit heavily because the Dell TechCenter offers a world-class community experience via interactive features including blogs, wikis, forums, online events and social sharing. Members can use these features to gain knowledge in a number of ways; a few examples include:

  • Asking how-to questions on a variety of server technology topics in discussion forums
  • Watching helpful hands-on, how-to videos that are available in the wikis
  • Reading over extensive product documentation in wikis that surpass what a standard user guide can provide
  • Participating in weekly chat sessions with Dell employees
  • Reading Dell TechCenter blogs written by individuals with extensive expertise in a certain area

The Dell TechCenter is an active and growing online community, with more than 10,000 registered members. And with more than 300,000 monthly community visitors, it has helped to increase sales, enhance customer engagement and improve its product R&D processes.

Download the case study today to learn more about how Dell is delivering exceptional customer service on a global scale before, during and after the sale. Visit the Dell TechCenter community for yourself to get a firsthand look.