Social Business and the Evolution of the Social Platform

A core belief of Telligent since its founding in 2004 is that software can be used to connect people and information more effectively.  

A central tenant of this belief, that has been refined over time, is: 

"Social isn't a destination, but instead a set of experiences."

What we mean by this is that we see a future in which social business software is not merely a place you go to, but a pervasive set of experiences across the various work streams you already interact with. Since 2004 we have invested heavily in a technology vision for enabling this. This vision includes a software platform that others can build on, extend, and create new and interesting solutions with – we first introduced this platform in 2007 as Telligent Evolution. The naming was important because we believe that social business is an evolution in how people communicate, connect and share ideas. 

With the latest release of our platform, version 7.0, I believe we have gone further than any company in our space to realize this vision. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there are no other vendors building social business software that share a similar vision here. There are four principles that we hold to be true that prove our investment and definition of a platform:

1. Sustainable - a platform cannot shift and change with every release. Specifically, the APIs that developers use must be immutable between releases.

2. Scalable - it's true that our roots come from building large, external-facing communities first and foremost. But, through that we have developed an impressive set of proof points around the scalability of the platform.

3. Simple - a platform has to be simple and both easy to use and understand.

4. Secure - in addition to our clientele, who often perform their own security audits, we maintain expertise in-house as well as commission third-party audits with every major release.

Last week we announced the Sitecore Social Starter Kit. The Sitecore Social Starter Kit combines best in class Web Content Management from Sitecore with Telligent’s industry leading social platform, giving marketers the power to create interactive websites.

How exactly is this possible? Because we've designed Telligent's underlying platform to provide its rich set of capabilities through APIs. Those APIs can then be used within other systems, such as Sitecore, to deliver social functionality natively within those systems.

While the platform isn't what people buy - they buy solutions to problems - Telligent customers enjoy the ability to use a platform that they can integrate into their business and one that enables them to continue to expand how and where they deliver social for their customers.