New Social Customer Service eBook: Customer Communities in 7 Steps

From dialing a 1-800 number to sending an email to a support address, at one time or another we have all turned to these familiar channels to get help or voice our opinion – aka we’ve all used some form of traditional customer service.

But what if I told you that times are changing? With the rise of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, your customers are leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to get the answers they need and to voice their opinions quickly and publicly. Now, businesses must integrate these new social channels for support with traditional channels in order to deliver on consumers’ expectations. It’s a new model for support that elevates customer experience through Social Customer Service.

So what exactly is Social Customer Service? Social Customer Service connects customers with people and information to crowdsource support, share knowledge, discuss new ideas and connect with peers via social channels in order to create an exceptional customer service experience.

As a way to help organizations adapt to this new model of customer service, we’ve created the Social Customer Service eBook. Comprised of industry insights and statistics from independent research firms, this eBook provides an overview of how to build a customer service community that will enhance customer experience, reduce support costs and drive sales. In seven steps, this eBook teaches strategies for customer communities, provides insight into what social customer service metrics to track and offers a look at case studies from companies such as Dell, Microsoft and HealthStream.

Download your complimentary copy of the Social Customer Service eBook today.