Enabling Multi-Language Support for Your Telligent Community

Each year our annual customer event, The Big Social, gives us an opportunity to discuss product ideas with our diverse range of customers and partners. During this year’s event, I sat down and chatted with one of our partners and was really impressed with how they are helping social communities share information by removing language barriers.

Can you imagine non-English speakers enjoying content on your site, engaging with each other and doing all that from their native language? GeoFluent, a real-time, machine translation solution from Lionbridge Technologies, enables them to do just that. GeoFluent seamlessly integrates with Telligent's suite of enterprise social applications, which allows organizations to build and maintain flexible, high value, multilingual communities.

Essentially, GeoFluent helps to eliminate language and geographical barriers, and deals with slang, chat shorthand and other language issues that can make the difference between “I got it” and “huh”. People select the language they want from within the community and the content is automatically translated for them. They can respond to any social content – reply in a forum, comment on a blog, or contribute to a wiki – all in their native language. Other people will then see this social content in their own native language! And GeoFluent manages these translations automatically so that each person sees all content in their preferred language.

Their latest version integrates with Telligent search and also enables search engine indexing for public community sites. This means that people can search within Telligent or from Google or Bing in their native language and find content translated to their language. Not only does this draw new people to the community, but it also improves organic SEO through frequent language specific content updates. Essentially, more content available in each language means better search ranking and a better user experience for your global customer base.

Want to see it in action? This brief video gives an overview of how it works:

GeoFluent is a great example of the types of partnerships that Telligent is investing in. Are you currently running Telligent's online community software? If so, I encourage you to take a look at this solution.

[Translate languages image source:] Big Stock Photo