Making Social a Set of Experiences Rather than a Destination

In an earlier post, Social Business and the Evolution of the Social Platform, I touched briefly on how Telligent’s platform APIs can be used within other systems, such as Sitecore, to deliver social functionality natively within those systems. Today, I want to expand on why this is important to business. Technology has increasingly enabled us to exhibit our natural human instinct to be social. It began with our casual connections on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and it is now permeating the business world.

Social technologies are designed to facilitate the types of people-centered, unstructured interactions we crave. And, as social pervades more and more of our day-to-day interactions we find that:

"Social isn't a destination, but instead a set of experiences."

This means that businesses need to leverage technology to provide a social experience in all of the places their customers and employees interact. 

Does your organization have an online community to support your customers? If so, that’s excellent. But, do you also interact with customers on other parts of your website? Are you keeping your brand’s message consistent in the conversations that you’re having in other social networks?

Our integration with Sitecore isn’t just a match between complementary technologies, but rather a shared vision for how people interact across multiple channels, traditional and social.

With Telligent’s social platform, activities such as rating, commenting, and writing reviews are extended into Sitecore WCM to provide interactive social experiences around published content. Essentially, this means that you can “snap on” social engagement tools into your existing site, enabling you to manage social and other channel engagement from a single platform.

This same notion works for businesses with private communities for employee collaboration. Many Telligent customers are large enterprises that use structured, document-centric systems such as Microsoft SharePoint. With Telligent’s social platform, these enterprises create a more integrated social experience for their employees. Discussions, Q&A, comments and feedback can be shared on any document, regardless of whether it resides in SharePoint or in the Telligent-powered online community.

Your customers and employees expect social engagement in all of the places they interact, and for it to be included as part of their day-to-day work activities. Telligent’s social platform is purpose-built to make this possible.

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