A Very Thankful CEO

It’s the day before Thanksgiving – a holiday in America that’s dedicated to expressing thanks and reflecting on the good tidings of the past year. So before everyone gets engrossed in the holiday cooking, shopping and festivities, I would simply like to say ‘thank you’ to all the organizations that trust Telligent to transform their business with social – whether for social support, social marketing, member networking or some other facet, we are glad that you chose Telligent to be your social partner.

At Telligent, we spend a lot of time focused on how we can help companies drive real business results; but not all organizations have the intended goals of increased sales, decreased costs, etc. There are some organizations – such as nonprofits and associations – whose primary mission is quite different.

We are fortunate to count many nonprofits as Telligent customers. Two nonprofits that I am always ecstatic to get a chance to talk about are Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and Macmillan Cancer Support. They have made it their mission to support people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Both organizations have implemented online communities dedicated to achieving their intended mission – Susan G. Komen’s online community helps to empower affiliates and Macmillan uses its online community to create stronger support channels and healthcare experiences for people affected by cancer.

On a personal level, it gives me tremendous joy to see the impact that social is having in education. Today’s educators are using online communities to create connected classrooms where interactive learning is possible. Two excellent examples of organizations that are getting social in the education field are ePals and AFS Intercultural. ePals connects teachers, students, parents and educators from across the globe, enabling them to communicate and collaborate on academic and cultural projects and develop international friendships. Their global community breaks down language and geographic barriers by enabling educators and students in over 200 countries and territories, who speak over 136 different languages, to connect, share, collaborate and learn. Also, AFS is a leader in intercultural learning dedicated to providing enriched learning experiences that promote intercultural awareness, tolerance and communication. Their mission is to provide intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

And as CEO, it’s truly humbling when you get word that your software is being used to help with humanitarian assistance and disaster recovery. Specifically I am speaking of when the Department of Defense’s All Partners Access Network (APAN) was able to use community to coordinate relief efforts following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I truly admire all the work that Susan G. Komen, Macmillan, ePals, AFS Intercultural, APAN and so many others are doing with community.

And speaking of communities, I would also like to say thank you to Telligent’s employee community. Telligent has a strong commitment to our customers, and that commitment is matched only by our dedication to community service. I’m proud to say that our team volunteered over 600 hours of community service in 2012, investing time in their local schools, food pantries, shelters and with other organizations near and dear to their hearts. The fact that we can give each employee paid time off during the regular work week to volunteer is a testament to Telligent’s board of directors, a team of executives who recognize the positive impact volunteerism has on each employee as a person.

We are fortunate in America to have a holiday that simply inspires thanks; so once more, thank you all for your unending support and ongoing commitment. Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

With deepest personal gratitude,
Patrick Brandt