Free Tools for Building Exceptional Social Customer Service Experiences

Customer service is more than just fixing a part, answering a question, sharing a new shortcut or upgrading a product. It’s about creating a better customer experience, which is why customer service is the cornerstone of customer experience.

So, how do you create an exceptional customer experience online? Through social customer service.

In an earlier post, I introduced our new Social Customer Service eBook. The eBook gives an introduction to social customer service and its benefits. By downloading the complimentary eBook, you’ll learn about emerging social customer service channels, strategies for customer communities, key metrics to track, plus much more.

The eBook is a great first step, but I encourage you to continue learning by taking a look at our Best Practice Toolkit on Social Customer Service. This toolkit includes relevant resources such as:

  •     Analyst reports
  •     Customer videos
  •     Case studies
  •     Social media guidelines for employees

It essentially explains social customer service from abstract concept all the way to practical ideas for everyday use.



[Tools image source:] Big Stock Photo