Customer Care Dilemma: When Customers Prefer Speed over Effectiveness

According to NM Incite’s 2012 State of Social Customer Service Report, only 17% of survey respondents said they'd be likely to recommend a brand that provided a slow but effective social care experience. By comparison, 33% would recommend a brand with a quick but ineffective response – almost double.

Naturally, the majority (71%) of respondents would be more likely to recommend a company to others based on receiving a quick and effective response. But, the fact that participants valued speed over effectiveness speaks volumes about the impact that social media has had on customer service. Consider this; according to the report, even getting no response whatsoever from a company fared better than getting a slow one. 

As far as social customer service is concerned, slow and steady clearly does not win the race. Any company that does not engage in social channels for customer care is at a serious disadvantage; but how do companies reach the all-important nexus of speed and accuracy (without incurring some serious costs to boot)?

We explore this concept in our new white paper on social customer service. Be sure to download a complimentary copy, and then make plans to join us for a live discussion on social customer service next month. Social media and online community experts from Dell and Forrester Research, Inc. will be on hand to talk about:

  • Proven methods for planning and implementing an online community
  • Community best practices via live demo
  • Tips for ongoing community management
  • KPIs to measure the business value of your social strategy

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