Telligent Raises $5 Million in Financing from NXT Capital Venture Finance

Today, Telligent publicly announced that we received an additional $5 million in financing from NXT Capital Venture Finance. This is another great milestone in Telligent’s history, as it provides additional strength to our existing investor base and validates the future opportunity for Telligent and our customers. To talk about what it means for Telligent’s future requires that we take a look at how far we’ve come.

Since Rob Howard founded the company in 2004, Telligent has experienced tremendous growth:

  • 3,000+ customers
  • Millions of users
  • Offices in North America and Europe
  • A partner ecosystem that extends our reach across six continents
  • A product portfolio that spans the entire adoption curve for online community software


To build on this momentum, we plan to use the additional financing to capitalize on strategic growth initiatives. These initiatives include increasing our ongoing investments in engineering, elevating the customer experience, growing our ecosystem of implementation partners and extending our global reach.   

Ultimately, this is an opportunity for us to deliver a big “plus 1” to our current customers and increase our fan base even further. I consider this a wise investment; our commitment to customer excellence is what drives our continued success.

Read the press release to learn more about Telligent’s additional financing from NXT Capital Venture Finance.