Show Your Community Manager Some Love Jan. 28

On Jan. 28, you’ll have a chance to express that appreciation, along with the entire social industry. It’s Community Manager Appreciation Day – a special day created by industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang to bring attention to the emerging community manager role. It is, of course, a very popular topic among community managers, and a lot of organizations are taking the opportunity to hold parties, tweet-ups and other social events. In fact, I’ll be participating and tuning into the marathon, 12-hour Google+ hangout hosted by My Community Manager.

I remember the first Community Manager Appreciation Day back in 2010. I was still a bit wet behind the ears as an official community manager. I didn’t know what to think about a day for appreciating me for just doing my job. But, I soon realized it was an important day to not only bring attention to the role of community managers, but also to help new community managers spread their wings, meet #cmgr peers and learn more about the practice of community management.

As the leader of an organization that employs a community manager or just as a co-worker, you don’t have to feel obligated to host a big party or buy a big gift. (Unless you really want to! I understand massage chair recliners are a big request.) What is the true meaning of Community Manager Appreciation Day? It’s to say thank you for the work they do and actually understand it. Take your community manager out to lunch or coffee and show a sincere interest in learning more about what he or she does. It’s called “being social.”

Monday, I’ll be sharing a blog post that highlights some of the success stories and best practices of community managers around the world who are working with the Telligent platform. Also, be on the lookout for the hashtag #CMAD on Twitter to see what others are saying.

SHARE! Who is your community manager? Tell us about your community manager below. What is it they do that you appreciate the most? Brag! We want to help you celebrate your #cmgr!

[Social world image source:] Big Stock Photo