Community Managers Share Best Practices on #CMGRs Appreciation Day

Happy Monday! And happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! This is the fourth year for the social community celebration, which was originated by Jeremiah Owyang back in 2010. It’s a great day to reach out to your community manager and say thanks for all the work they do to keep your community peacefully humming along. It’s also a great day for community managers (cmgr) to meet up with their peers to exchange ideas and get a little cmgr support.

Where do you find them? There are a ton of unsung community heroes out there. It would take more than just a day to mention them all. But, I wanted to put the spotlight on a handful of folks who are successfully managing and directing communities using Telligent software. They were all kind enough to share their top best practice or cmgr philosophy. Take a look:

 Richard Dotson (@dotson733)
Social Media Champion & Certified Business Continuity Professional at Texas Instruments (Richard manages the internal employee community)

Community Best Practice: “Give access to non-log in content. Don't require a log in just to get to the site. Make it as easy as possible.”

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 Connie Bensen (@cbensen)
Global Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Executive at Dell

Professional Development Advice: “Community managers need to be continually expanding their skill set. Take time to invest in yourself and learn about marketing, lead gen, SEO, etc. And in parallel, explore how your community efforts can integrate with those efforts at your organization as well as other business functions such as product development, etc. The result of bridging with new business functions will expand your skill set and further show the value of Community to your executives.”


 Juan Venter (@juanventer12)
Community Manager at MarketSqr

Community Management Tip: “…’Teach a man to fish’ - based on the old saying, ‘Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime’. In the MarketSqr community, I encourage users to help themselves. I have created support forums and media galleries, rich with support material to help users…If there is an issue that is not covered in the support forum, I give the users advice and then I add the issue and the solution to the support forum; this means that the support forum is continuously growing. If a user’s first thought is to “fish,” their participation on the site will be a lot more valuable and sustainable.”

 Sarah Nicholson (@themumdrum)
Managing Director at The Mumdrum

Community Management Best Practice: “Involve your audience as early as possible in the development and design of your community. Allow your community to vote for members to represent them on a Community Panel. Meet and/or conference call (or set up a Google hangout!) once a month to discuss everything from what's hot right now to future strategy and direction.”


 Brendan Cosgrove (@cozthegrov)
Director of Social Media and Community at Kaseya

Community Management Tip: “…approach community as a social effort focused around people, not a process. You’ve got to treat community members as people looking for help. If you can serve people first, the rest falls into place.”

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If there is one thing that I have learned about the community manager community, it’s that community managers love to share. If you are a new community manager or a longtime practitioner, reach out and make a connection today. Follow the larger community on Twitter via #CMAD to see what others are up to today. Continue following Telligent’s Twitter handle for upcoming news and resources to help you nurture your growing online community.

Get out there and have a great day! Remember, you are most definitely appreciated!