Good References for Great Community Management

If you are new or ‘newish’ to community management, you are undoubtedly sifting through a trough of information and advice to help you establish your role.

Been there, done that – and still doing it! As a community manager, like many professions, you will never “master” the art. You can only get better and find your groove. The rest of the time you are learning and discovering new and better ways to grow and improve your social community.

I recently curated a short list of the top blogs and articles that I continue to refer to or use as inspiration. I hope sharing it will help you find that something you’ve been looking for to spark an idea or achieve your goal. I’ve got lists for both the strategic and technical side of community that will help community managers who are new to Telligent technology.


The Community Maturity Model

This one is an oldie, but goodie. Folks in the community management field refer to this chart often, especially when building a strategy and/or a team. It is easy to get mired down in the daily minutiae of community management – this can help you realign your objectives.

World Class Communities Publish Guidelines

After defining the purpose and strategy of your social community, you have to let your community members in on it. That’s where community guidelines come in handy.


Community Management Guide for Telligent Software

The Telligent documentation team provides loads of information and instruction for all Telligent products, including specifics for community managers. I refer to this documentation wiki frequently as I work on improving the organization of the community (there are a number of ways to handle member permissions and so on). This documentation helps define the choices and how to implement them in your Telligent community.

Community Setup Guide

Whether you are establishing your community built on Telligent's platform or you just inherited one that could use some TLC, this is the right guide for you. It walks you through the initial steps, from authentication to organization, necessary to create a safe and secure environment for your members and your content.

There are a lot of sources of inspiration and advice out there. Hopefully, my suggestions can help you gather your own ideas and build on them. Do you already have a special book, blog, discussion or document you frequent? I’d love to hear about it. Please share here in the comments. If you are already a member of the community on, please share your thoughts here in my recent
discussion post.

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