Sneak Peek: Using Notifications to Drive Social Community Engagement

Here’s a sneak peek at the new notifications enhancement that’s coming in our spring software release. Today, community members receive an email alert notifying them when something of interest has happened in the community. Oftentimes, they read the summary from their email but don’t click through to visit the community. Why? Because they received all the information they needed directly in their inbox.

Yes, this can be a productivity boost for people who prefer to interact primarily via email. However, it is not the best way to create a more responsive and engaged social community. Our upcoming enhancement seeks to maximize engagement by keeping community members connected with real-time notifications delivered within the community experience on an as-it-happens basis. These notifications feel serendipitous, offering a sense of anticipation and interest that email can’t.

Members can control what notifications they receive live alerts for while online in the community, staying up to date when:

  • A new community registrant requests their friendship or starts following them
  • A friend mentions them by name within an ongoing discussion
  • Someone answers the question they posed
  • The group they participate in regularly is mentioned within a status message
  • Someone comments on content they’ve written
  • More people weigh in with comments on a blog post that they’ve given feedback on
  • Their content is rated or liked
  • A peer sends a private message
  • …and other similar scenarios

How do notifications work?

When something relevant to a community member occurs in the community, the following types of alerts appear:

  1. A small, informational window displays in the bottom left corner of whatever page within the community the member is currently viewing.

  2. A desktop notification appears (if the member has opted into these via their browser or operating system) when the community is minimized.

  3. A visual indicator is displayed in the community’s navigation which, when clicked, shows the full notification queue, highlighting the notifications the member hasn’t read yet.

And, notifications can be modified and enhanced. Telligent’s enterprise social platform plugin model makes it easy for programmers to make modifications like:

  • Changing the text and call to action in the notification
  • Removing notifications that do not fit the needs of the business
  • Adding notifications for other key activities within the community or activities from custom applications or integrated systems
  • Adding new delivery methods for notifications, like SMS for mobile devices

**Note: Notifications will be generally available this spring with Telligent Community 7.5 & Telligent Enterprise 4.5.

[Speech bubbles image source:] Big Stock Photo