New Social Marketing Infodoodle! 9 Ideas for Marketing in an Online Community

Marketers need a plan and a good framework for creating a healthy, engaged community. The secret to success isn’t so secret - it’s all about understanding the wants and needs of your audience and then creating value for your community members.

To help you along, we’ve created an infodoodle with nine ideas for social marketing in an online community that you can apply to fit your content, your brand and your audience.

Each week, I’ll share a real-world example of how these ideas are being implemented. Let’s take a look at idea number one:

#1 Post industry news, product updates and announcements

Our first example comes to us from the Microsoft Office 365 Community.

The first blog post provides a great example of an announcement; that a new educational webcast is available for users of Office 365 who want to learn more about how to service and keep Office 365 running efficiently.

From the community, people can also learn that a product update is available; that the sign-in page for Office 365 has a new look. Because the announcement was published using a blog, community members can comment on the news and share it with their professional networks on LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Plus, Microsoft gets immediate feedback from its customers.

The Office 365 Community illustrates a lot of great community practices that marketers can use to create value for their brand’s audience – more than I can write in just one blog post.

How about you? Are you using an online community to post industry news, product updates and announcements?

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