Sneak Peek #3: Gathering Ideas to Speed Innovation

Here’s another sneak peek at what’s coming as part of our spring software release. In addition to onsite notifications and chat, social ideation is another enhancement to look forward to. Social ideation encourages community members to respond to challenges, suggest ideas, vote on which ideas should be implemented and keep track of the status as ideas are implemented. This new offering provides quick ways for you to gather ideas on particular topics and get a sense of the importance of each idea based on up and down votes. For more advanced innovation needs, including project management, deep analytics, reporting and more, Telligent offers InnovationCast.

Creating Challenges

Community managers and group owners can create any number of challenges – within the community or within each group – to target idea gathering by specific topics or types of submissions. Perhaps you want to gather ideas on each product you sell, so create a challenge for each product. Or maybe you want to gather ideas on helpful training videos separately from ideas on good topics for training sessions, so create a separate challenge for each. And, you can control who in your community has access to participate in each challenge – for example, limiting some to idea submission and others just to voting, if that fits your business objectives.

Sharing Ideas

When you open a challenge and encourage the community to share their ideas, community members can:

  • Include all the details for each of their ideas that help describe them fully
  • Embed photos, images, documents and videos
  • Link to external site examples or other business applications to supplement their description
  • Categorize their ideas using hashtags
  • Mention other community members within the idea to call attention to people who helped form the idea or encourage specific people to build on the idea because it is in their area of expertise

Also, other community members can chime in with supplemental information for the idea. They have the option to provide commentary on why the idea is a benefit to them or share what concerns they have on why the idea may not work.

Voting on Ideas

An important part of ideation, beyond gathering ideas, is collecting feedback from the community as to which ideas have the most merit. Flexible options are provided to community managers and group owners so that the type of feedback that is accepted (if any) can be controlled. For example, you can encourage community members to vote ideas up or down. However, you also have the choice to allow them to only vote up if they agree with the ideas or only vote down on ideas they don’t agree with. You can also limit the ability to vote on any ideas within any challenge within a group.

Understanding Status

Keeping community members up to date on the status of ideas shared is important to closed loop innovation. Community managers and group owners can edit any idea to change its status (ranging from ‘under review’ to ‘coming soon’ ). Each community can change these statuses to reflect what is appropriate for their innovation cycle. Community managers and group owners can also include notes on each idea to provide details on why an idea is not planned or where it is in the development and deployment process. This way, the people who originated and contributed to the idea, as well as those who voted on the idea, are kept in the loop and know the details.

**Note: Challenges and Ideas will be generally available this spring with Telligent Community 7.5 and Telligent Enterprise 4.5.

[Idea Sticky Note image source:] Big Stock Photo