New Product Releases Enhance Social Customer Experience & Deliver Real Business Value

Today, we just announced the latest releases of our award winning software: Telligent Community 7.5, Telligent Enterprise 4.5 and Telligent Analytics 4.0.

Telligent Community 7.5 is our newest version of social community software designed to enhance customer experience and deliver real business value by increasing customer engagement, innovating through social ideation and making social pervasive across customer channels. While, Telligent Enterprise 4.5 is designed to elevate customer experience management and deliver real business value by maximizing employee productivity, keeping employees engaged and driving product and service innovation through social ideation.

We listened to the feedback from our customers and partners and included several standout features in both releases to deliver excellent social experiences. Both releases include the following key benefits:

  • Real-time alerts will help to significantly drive social community engagement, increase community participation and keep your community members more informed and engaged.

  • The new message center with chat will make communicating quick and easy, serving to be a great collaboration tool for companies across all industries.

  • Social ideation will encourage community members to respond to challenges, suggest ideas and vote on the best ones. Ultimately, companies can come away with unique crowdsourced ideas.

  • New social media logins, such as Google, have been added to this release that will not only improve customer experience, but will also increase engagement and information sharing both inside and outside of your community. (note: this is exclusive to Telligent Community 7.5)

We also know that companies are looking to transform online conversations into actionable business intelligence, which is why we are proud to introduce the new Telligent Analytics 4.0 today as well. Telligent Analytics 4.0 connects people to the information they need to make decisions and gives community managers insight that allows for immediate action. Key benefits include:

  • Dynamic content discovery connects people to the content they need quickly. Personalized for the individual and based on community analytics, the community anticipates what resources would be valuable to each member and recommends content.

  • Dynamic people recommendations help community members build their personal networks through tailored network suggestions. By helping people find peers, mutual friends and experts, people recommendations help you create a more engaging customer experience.

  • The ability to share meaningful reports & social insight within the community is new in this release. Telligent Analytics 4.0 provides analytics for community health, vitality, responsiveness, crowdsourcing effectiveness, participation and content that can be viewed anywhere in the community. What’s really great about this is that you can get insight and take action immediately without ever leaving the community.

  • Expert identification helps community members better evaluate recommendations and content contributed by these experts by systematically identifying experts based on contributions and more.

  • Built with Big Data in mind, Telligent Analytics 4.0 is easy to integrate with other business intelligence systems so that organizations can tap into the wealth of knowledge created by members in your community.

  • Using Telligent's widget framework, companies can modify the reports to be tailored to specific needs, resulting in the ability to provide configurable reports.

  • The ability to delineate between the different types of contributors in your community is now an option. A better picture of the overall health of your community can now be captured by measuring crowdsourced contributions – comparing contributions from employees and contributions from the community.

Telligent Analytics 4.0, coupled with either Telligent Community 7.5 or Telligent Enterprise 4.5, give companies a comprehensive solution that provides a unified view into social customer experience.

For more information, view the announcements for Telligent Community 7.5 and Telligent Enterprise 4.5.