Marketing in an Online Community: Idea #2 from Our Infodoodle Series

As you know, we just introduced our infodoodle with nine ideas for social marketing back in April. Let me pause here for a moment because we got a lot of great questions about the infodoodle format. Namely, “did you mean to type doodle instead of graphic” and “what is an infodoodle”?  

First, the answer is “yes – the doodle was intentional” (which as I’m typing this gives me a great idea for a t-shirt slogan…). People are more familiar with infographics, which are designed to convey complex information quickly and easily. In contrast, infodoodles are designed for pure, unadulterated storytelling fun. For great infodoodle inspiration, check out the folks at MarketingProfs.

Let’s go back to our nine ideas for social marketing infodoodle. In our first blog, we discussed idea number one: post industry news, product updates and announcements. We shared a fantastic real-world example from the Microsoft Office 365 Community, which brings us to idea number two:

#2 Engage experts and customers to share best practices

Today’s example of real-world greatness comes from Dell TechCenter. Dell TechCenter is an IT community dedicated to best practices for data center and end user computing. In it, Dell sponsors blogs about events and shares editorials and recent news in the industry. About 80 bloggers contribute to the community, with 10 to 15 regular writers who share their expertise.

Dell recognizes IT professionals for being experts on Dell solutions and services. The Dell TechCenter Rockstars program rewards IT professionals (and Dell employees too) for their contributions to online technical conversations in the community, in social media or on their personal blogs.

To learn more visit the Dell TechCenter community or read the customer success story. And, don’t forget that you can add the infodoodle to your website by following these instructions.

Next time we’ll discuss how marketers can use community for social ideation. Stay tuned!