Marketing in an Online Community: Infodoodle Series Tip #3

In my previous blogs focused on marketing in an online community, I shared two tips – one pertaining to recommendations for posting content and the other around engaging customers to share best practices. Now, to continue the infodoodle series, I want to spend a little time focusing on idea three:

#3 Gather and discuss customer ideas for R&D

A great real-world example is Nextplora, a full service market research firm that is paving the way in social market research. It engages more than 50,000 consumers online to refine brand strategies, generates product ideas and gauges customer satisfaction for leading brands, including Kraft, L’Oreal, Danone and McDonald’s.

Nextplora’s approach to market research focuses on getting product ideas and customer feedback via new, innovative social means. Their solution is built on the Telligent platform and uses the InnovationCast™ application to gather new ideas. Ideas are grouped into “stages of an ordinary day” rather than marketing categories. Examples of the different idea categories include: work, dress, study, fun, food and learning, and several others. Participants can then earn small incentives when they make comments, ratings and reviews on different ideas and are also incentivized to post new product ideas in the community.

Overall, the community has reengineered the research process, engaged customers into the innovation process and created a more free structure for practical new product and service ideas. This process even created a new customer acquisition tool and has resulted in more than 8,000 ideas within one year. Quite impressive!

To learn more, read Nextplora’s customer success story. And be sure to check out the infodoodle for more marketing tips in an online community!

PS – Next blog, we’ll switch gears and highlight tips for pre-sales support and training.