Coming Your Way This Fall: Telligent Community 8.0 and Telligent Enterprise 5.0

It's been a busy few weeks since we announced the acquisition of Zimbra. Since then, we've been talking with a lot of our customers and partners about our vision for a unified collaboration suite. A common question that comes up is, "What about the next versions of Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise?"

Jon Dybik, our VP of Products, did a great post addressing the next release of Zimbra, so I want to take a moment to follow up with some information about our plan for Telligent Community 8.0 and Telligent Enterprise 5.0!

At our user group conference in September, we're going to share more information about both Zimbra and Telligent products as well as our vision for the future. Our plan and roadmap is designed to continue the development of both the social platform and the collaboration platform separately, and integrate the two through a services-based approach. Customers that use Telligent will continue to enjoy a market-leading social platform and customers that use Zimbra will continue to enjoy a market-leading robust collaboration platform.

The next version of the social platform, powering Telligent Community 8.0 and Telligent Enterprise 5.0, is still on target for delivery this fall. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

User Experience & HTML 5 Responsive Design

You spoke, we listened. Based on customer and partner feedback, we’re making a significant investment in user experience in this next release. You can look forward to a modern, streamlined user experience that includes support for HTML 5, responsive design and re-architecting some of the UI to make it easier to tailor your community quickly.


Closely linked to improving the user experience, we are also planning significant improvements to search. The last release introduced new capabilities around content quality and reputation – based on community analytics. In the next release, we use these capabilities to make it easier for people to discover relevant content in the community through search. And, we’re also making UX improvements to search, including the experience of searching within groups and sub-groups.

Mobile Applications

We have built new mobile applications that take advantage of the existing widget framework to easily enable mobile apps for iOS and Android. This is complementary to our responsive design so that customers who wish to use a mobile app can easily tailor and deploy the mobile apps to the appropriate app stores.

This is just a small preview of the excitement to come. I can’t wait to show off everything that’s in store for this fall and tell you what we have planned for Telligent and Zimbra. To see these new capabilities and learn more about the product roadmap, join us for The Big Social user group conference September 23-25 in Dallas, TX. See you there!

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