Telligent Partner Receives 2013 TMC Labs Innovation Award

Congratulations to Telligent partner, SoCoCare, for being recognized as a 2013 TMC Labs Innovation Award recipient. The award is presented by TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine. SoCoCare was selected because of its unique social customer care features and because it represents a significant advancement for customer-related technologies.

SoCoCare is the leading all-in-one social engagement solution for customer service and sales organizations. Its offering consolidates customer blog posts, articles, and social network posts into one unified listening and engagement platform, helping businesses deliver a more dignified customer experience in the social realm.

Earlier this year, SoCoCare announced that it partnered with Telligent to help companies deliver an exceptional level of social customer service across social channels. Telligent and SoCoCare have been working together to develop deep integrations to bring community traffic into SoCoCare’s platform, providing a singular console for agents and supervisors to seamlessly drive agent responses back through Telligent communities.

SoCoCare’s recognition by TMC is well-deserved. Congratulations SoCoCare!