Our Online Community Refresh: Phase One Updates

Today, I am happy to announce some new updates to our community space. Like all spring cleaning projects, we set out with a mission to make our online community cleaner and easier to use, resulting in a space where you feel comfortable networking and collaborating.

Initially, we broke our project down into several phases. In this first phase we tackled clutter. We identified the content and the community groups that are most important to you. Then we made sure those elements were front and center by reducing redundant content, eliminating outdated data and improving overall design.

Let’s take a quick tour to show you what I mean. Just click on the video below.

I am very excited about these updates. I hope you are too. As we move forward into the next phases, I will share more of our challenges and triumphs. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, feedback or want to share a story of your own community cleanup project, please comment below.