Introducing Zimbra Community 8.0: New Release & Free Edition Enhance Support & Increase Employee Productivity

Today, we just released the latest version of our community software solution: Zimbra Community 8.0.

First, before I give you the highlights of our new release, I would like to clarify any confusion around the product name. Last year in July, Telligent and Zimbra merged to form one, unified organization. As a result of that merger, the name of our community software solution changed. Previously named Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise, our community offering is now known as Zimbra Community. Zimbra Community will continue to be laser-focused on enhancing customer support and increasing employee productivity for organizations of all sizes.

Now that you have a solid understanding of our product name’s background, I’d like to share some of the highlights from this release, starting with the fact that Zimbra Community 8.0 is offered in several editions (free, standard and professional) designed to suit any user’s desired experience. Plus, we’ve also totally rebuilt our trial experience.

Looking for a risk-free way of using a social community? New to Zimbra Community 8.0 is a free edition designed for small businesses and individuals who want to leverage the power of social communities to increase engagement without any upfront investment. This first-of-its-kind free edition will provide businesses and individuals with a solution to drive customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction and build employee loyalty.  We also offer two editions of our commercial version – Zimbra Community Standard Edition and Zimbra Community Professional Edition. You can compare editions

Interested in implementing a community but want to test it out first? For a full-featured test drive, you can now trial Zimbra Community 8.0. With pre-populated content, the 60-day trial best demonstrates a complete production community while showcasing the new user interface and features of the latest release. We are thrilled to offer our customers new options!

Key features of Zimbra Community’s latest release include advanced analytics that drive enhanced contextual search capabilities, a new mobile interface that enables users to be social everywhere and pre-built templates for fast and easy deployment. The new release extends the community experience to mobile users, providing them access to their social communities at any time, on any device, and at the same time, delivers business value by increasing customer engagement and improving employee satisfaction and productivity. This powerful suite of features lies behind a newly designed modern user interface that includes automated learning tools for community managers to speed adoption.

For more information on how Zimbra Community 8.0 can enhance customer support and increase employee productivity at your organization, view the recent announcement.