Zimbra Acquires Mezeo: Adds Cloud-Based Secure File Sharing Capabilities

I have a very keen feeling of déjà vu. It’s hard to believe that we were communicating the acquisition and planned merger of Zimbra and Telligent on this exact day last year. And today, I have the pleasure of announcing that Zimbra has acquired Mezeo, a software company that provides secure file sync and share and cloud storage for service providers, governments and companies worldwide.

Why is this news so exciting? Secure file sync and share is critical for today’s users, and it is one of the capabilities Zimbra customers request most often. By acquiring Mezeo, it allows us to expand our product offering to now include user-friendly file sync and share, while also enabling complete control over data. We also gain standout technical talent and IP (including patents that cover aspects of storage efficiency and file security). Overall, this acquisition adds tremendous value to our network of more than 1,000 partners, 500+ service providers, and 200,000+ organizations using our platform.

Why did we acquire Mezeo? Zimbra acquired Mezeo for its secure file sync and share and cloud storage technology, ability to support the deployment demands of service providers, and talented employees who understand the unique needs of service providers. We see tremendous value in bringing secure file sync and share and effective cloud storage to our collaboration offering, especially a solution like Mezeo that complements our mobile-first approach and aligns with our commitment to secure, private collaboration

How will Mezeo impact Zimbra’s solutions? The acquisition of Mezeo will help to further enhance Zimbra’s strategy and solutions in four key areas:

  • Security – Designed with data protection and security in mind, Mezeo incorporates strong encryption technology and can be deployed to meet unique data privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Privacy – Mezeo offers a cloud storage solution that deploys in your data center, ensures data integrity, and integrates with your support services to simplify service delivery.
  • User experience – Mezeo delivers a user-friendly experience while still maintaining complete control over data governance and compliance.
  • Customer focus – Unlike consumer cloud services, Mezeo’s architecture is designed for service provider scale, making it possible for service providers to white label and launch new services around cloud storage.

I hope all of you are just as excited as we are about what this acquisition means. Stay tuned to the Zimbra Blog for further details.

Read the official press release to learn more about the acquisition.